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Department of Agricultural Extension is being in functional since from the inception of the Agricultural college, Naira (i.e from 1989) and offering under graduate programme with sectioned strength of one Associate professor and one Assistant Professor.

1. To impart knowledge to the students on fundamental, principal of extension education and extension teaching methods for effective transfer of technologies in agriculture and rural development.
2. To sensitize the students on rural society and constraints in transfer of technology to address the challenges in present day agriculture.
3. To Import knowledge and skill to the students on entrepreneurship development and personality development for improvising livelihood options in agriculture sector
4. To sensitize the students on human values and research and extension ethics in order manifestation better research and extension delivery systems.

Courses offered:

Courses offered

Title of  the course

 No of Credits

  UG courses
1 AEXT-190 Human Values and Ethics 1 (1+0)
2 AEXT-191 Rural Sociology and Educational Psychology 2 (1+1)
3 AEXT-291(2+1) Fundamentals of Agricultural Extension 3 (2+1)
4 AEXT- 292 Entrepreneurship Development and Business Communication 2 (1+1)
5 AEXT- 391(1+1) Communication Skills and personality development 2 (1+1)
  PG Courses :
6 PGS-506(1+0) Agricultural Research Ethics and Rural Development programmes 1 (1+0)

Teaching Staff :

Dr D. Chinnam Naidu

Professor and Head


Assistant professor