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The Department of Plant Pathology, Agricultural College, naira, ANGRAU was established with an objective to run undergraduate and graduate programs in Plant Pathology and also to undertake research in areas related to the diseases of crop plants. Since its inception, the Department has strived to make its teaching and research curricula to be Plant Pathology centric with relevance to the crop productivity increment.

Courses offered:

S. No Course No. Course Title
1 PATH- 171 Fundamentals of Plant Pathology-1
2 AMBE 101 Agricultural Microbiology
3 PATH- 271 Fundamentals of Plant Pathology-2
4 PATH- 371 Diseases of field & horticultural crops and their management -1 (Field Crops)
5 PATH- 372 Diseases of field & horticultural crops and their management-2 (Horticultural Crops)
6 PATH- 373 Principles of integrated pest and disease management
7 ELCT 272 Food Safety Issues
8 Pl Path 507 Principles of Plant Disease Management
9 Pl Path 509 Disease Resistance in Plants
10 Pl Path 510 Ecology of Soil born Plant Pathogens
11 Pl Path 519 Plant Quarantine & Phytosanitary measures


Teaching support : Virtual learning using projector and laptop, charts and posters.

Research support :

  1. Microscopes
  2. Incubator
  3. Laminar Air Flow
  4. Electronic balance
  5. Autoclave
  6. pH meter
  7. Turbidity meter
  8. Hot air oven
  9. Distillation Unit

Teaching Staff:

Dr. S. Ramesh babu

Assistant professor

Dr. R. Gunasri

Teaching Associate

Dr. G. Amulya

Teaching Associate

Dr. Boda Praveen

Teaching Associate