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As a part of the Agricultural College NairaDept of Agronomy started it’s function from 7 th August, 1989 by the APAU (ANGRAU) under Government of Andhra Pradesh .The Post Graduation programme in the department of Agronomy has been started from the academic year 2010-11with four seats. Since then, the PG programme has been on its track and as of now ten batches (32 students) have been admitted into PG programme at this college and the first eight batch students (25) were awarded and 11 students pursuing master’s degree, majoring in Agronomy. Six out of 25 students of this college got admission to Ph.D programme
across the country.

Faculty strength:

S.No Sanctioned Faculty Faculty in Place Vacant Position Faculty Recommended
1. Professor NIL NIL 1
2. Associate professor One Professor(CAS) adjusted in the vaccancy Nil 1
3. Assistant professor Two Two Nil 5
4.Farm Superintendent One One Nil 1

Faculty in Dept of Agronomy working:

S.No Name of the faculty Designation Educational


Service in the University Assigned programmes
1 Dr. A. Upendra Rao


Professor & Head Ph.D 20 years and 7 months U.G&P.G
2 Dr. G.Jogi Naidu Professor & Head Ph.D. 29 years and 9 months U.G&


3 Dr. B Rajendra Kumar Asst. Professor Ph.D. 11 years U.G&


4 Dr. B. Jyothi Basu Asst. Professor Ph.D. 5 years U.G

Course distribution among faculty

S.No Name of the faculty Courses handling/handled Other duties assigned
Ist Semester 2021-22 IInd Semester 2021-22


1 Dr. A. Upendra Rao

Professor & Head

AGRO 102(2+1)

AGRO 103(1+1)

AGRON 501(3+0)

AGRON 591(1+0)

AGRO 101(1+0)

AGRO 103 (1+1)


AGRON 511(2+0)

PGS  502 (0+1)


HOD for Agronomy

and Farm

Managing Director of  EL unit

Member of IDP programme



2 Dr.P.Amara Jyothi Associate Professor AGRO 102 (2+1)





PG in-charge Dept of Agronomy

Ad Representative for RAWEP

3 Dr. B Rajendra Kumar

Asst. Professor

AGRO 104(1+1)

AGRO 204(1+1)

AGRO 303(1+1)

AGRO 304(1+1)

AGRON 504(2+1)



AGRO 203 (1+0)


AGRO 303 (1+1)

AGRON 507(1+1)


Additional warden

Memberof village adoption

Stocks in charge in the Dept of Agronomy


4 Dr. B. Jyothi Basu

Asst. Professor

AGRO 201(2+1)

AGRO 202(2+1)

AGRO 301(1+1)


AGRO 301 (1+1)

AGRO-302 (0+1)

AGRON 503(2+1)

Farm Superintendent

Manager of  EL unit

Convener for MSRI Unit.

Member of out sourcing seed production Incharge of JRF cell, Dept of   Agronomy


6 Teaching Associates

(Two members)

AGRO 103(1+1)

AGRO 104(1+1)

AGRO 201(2+1)

AGRO 202(2+1) AGRO 203 (1+0)

AGRO 204(1+1)

AGRO 303(1+1)

AGRO 304(1+1)

AGRO 104(1+1)P

AGRO 201(2+1)P

AGRO 202(2+1)P

AGRO 304(1+1)P

AGRO 306(2+1)P


Assisting in Coding during Examinations

U.G.Courses offered in the Dept.

S. No. Course No. Title Credit Hours
1 AGRO-101 Agriculture Heritage 1+0
2 AGRO-102 Fundamentals of Agronomy 2+1
3 AGRO-103 Introductory Agrometeorology and Climate Change 1+1
4 AGRO-104 Introduction to Forestry 1+1
5 AGRO-201 Crop Production Technology-I 2+1
6 AGRO-202 Crop Production Technology-II 2+1
7 AGRO-203 Farming Systems and Sustainable Agriculture 1+0
8 AGRO-204 Irrigation Water Management 1+1
9 AGRO-301 Geoinformatics and Nanotechnology for Precision Farming 1+1
10 AGRO-302 Practical Crop Production 0+1
11 AGRO-303 Rainfed Agriculture and Watershed Management 1+1
12 AGRO-304 Principles of Organic Farming 1+1
Elective Courses to be offered by Dept of Agronomy
13 ELCT 305 Agricultural Waste management 2+1
14 ELCT 306 Weed Management 2+1
  • Dept of Agronomy handling Elp of Commercial seed production

P.G.Courses offered in the Dept.

S.No Course No. Title of the Course Credits
1 AGRON 501 Modern concepts in crop production. 3+0
2 AGRON 502 Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management. 2+1
3 AGRON 503 Principles and Practices of Weed Management. 2+1
4 AGRON 504 Principles and Practices of Water Management. 2+1
5 AGRON 506 Agronomy of Major Cereals and Pulses. 2+1
6 AGRON 507 Agronomy of Oilseed, Fibre and Sugar Crops. 2+1
7 AGRON 512 Dryland Farming and Watershed Management. 2+1
8 AGRON 591 Masters Seminar. 1+0

P.G. Progress at the Dept.:

Year No of Students Joined M.Sc (Ag)-Agronomy  No of students Completed degree No of Students got Ph.D No of Students Got jobs
Up to 2019-20 32 25 06 19
2020-21 04 03
2021-22 04(All the Students Got approval of PG 1 &2 forms  and submitted PG 3 for approcval to Dean PG Studies

No of Students Registered for JRF got PG Fellowship /Seats in the Dept of Agronomy during 2018-21

Year No of Students Registered for JRF  No of students got JRF No of students joined PG without JRF Total No of students joined PG
2018-19 24 05 06 11
2019-20 14 02 05 07
2020-21 20 10 10

Class Rooms & Laboratories:

  • Two Class rooms & One laboratory are available for PG students with facilities
  • sufficient enough to conduct theory and as practical classes

College Farm sprawling in an area of 251 acres with wet, rainfed and garden lands available to meet the requirement of the PG research programme in addition to UG prerequisites at this college.

List of important equipment in the Dept.:

S.No Name of the equipment No of units
1 Rapid moisture meter 2
2 Lux meter 1
3 Laptop Computer( Compaq Presario-C 738 TU) 1
4 Barometers(Aneroid type – 100mm dia0 2
5 Tensio meters 2
6 LCD projector (Sony make) along with screen and stand 1
7 Laboratory willy mill 1
8 Spectophotometer 1
9 Miniature models of agricultural implements 21
10 Portable electronic balance 1
11 Hot air oven 1
12 Digital temperature control cum Indicator for hotair oven 1
13 Lenova compuer 1
14 Conductivity meter, VSI Make 1
15 PH Meter, VSI Make 1
16 Compac computer 1
17 Kemi hot air oven 1
18 Sony LCD Projector 1
19 Soil moisture and PH Meter 1
20 Dickey john’s Multi grain Moisture Meter 2
21 Runoff stage level recorder 1
22 Soil auger (screw type) 6
23 Refractometer (Abbes type) 2
24 Thermister  thermometer 3
25 Barograph 1
26 Cup counter anemometer 1
27 Infra red moisture balance 1
28 Infra red thermo meter 1
29 Psychrometer 1
30 Light meter 1
31 Double ring  infiltrometer 2
32 Water meter 2’’ 1
33 Run off stage level recorder 1
34 Parshall flume 2
35 Hot air oven 1

Conduct of practical and hands on training:

UG ü Identification of different crops, weeds and trees

ü Measurement of weather parameters and tabulation of weather data

ü Identification of fertilizers, manures, seeds, varieties in different crops

ü Identification of off-types and rougues in crops

ü Students shall acquainted with calculating the seed rate, fertiliser dose,

herbicide dose etc.

ü Students shall acquainted with yield estimation in different crops

ü Measurement and scheduling of irrigation water

ü Method and time of application of manures, fertilizers and herbicides

ü Art and science of raising popular crops of the tract on sound scientific lines

ü Providing opportunity to the students to have hands on experience on water,

nutrient and weed management in a number of arable crops.

ü Field configuration and crop establishment techniques for sole , inter, and

multi-  storeyed crops/systems

ü Execution and operationalization of multi commodity oriented integrated

farming  system units etc.

PG ü Preparation of filed Lay out the field as per the statistical design.

ü Collection of soil and crop data as per the requirement of experiment.

ü Recording of biometric observations from various crops as per the need of

the experimentation.

ü Soil and plant analysis as per the experiment.

ü Estimation of use efficiency of different resources like irrigation water,

nutrient use etc.

ü Tabulation and data analysis and interpretation of data using different

statistical tools

ü Documentation of experimental results discussing the result for drawing

logical  inferences.

ü Collection, compilation and reviewing literature review

ü Writing research and popular article.


Dr. G.Jogi Naidu

Professor & Head

Dr.A.Upendra Rao,

Professor & Head, Dept.

B. Rajendra Kumar

Assistant Professor

Dr. B. Jyothi Basu

Assistant Professor