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The Department of Agricultural Engineering, agricultural college, naira, ANGRAU was established with an objective to train students to acquire the necessary skills that are needed in mechanized agriculture, processing of farm products and other allied activities that enhances the agricultural productivity. It integrates technology with farming. A key goal of this discipline is to improve the efficiency and sustainability of agricultural practices.

The major area of teaching, research in the field of agricultural engineering discipline is through Farm Machinery & Power Engineering, Processing & Food Engineering and Soil & Water Conservation Engineering. The students are taken to industrial tours frequently to impart industrial knowledge. The department has been allotted land in the college premises to work on field projects.

Courses offered:

S. No Course No. Course Title
1 AENG 151 Soil and Water Conservation Engineering
2 AENG  251 Farm Machinery and Power
3 AENG  252 Renewable Energy and Green Technology


4 AENG  351 Protected Cultivation and Post-harvest Technologies


Teaching support: Virtual learning using projector and laptop, charts and posters.
Facilities provided by the dept. of agricultural Engineering:

The agricultural engineering laboratory is fully equipped with different types of farm power equipment, working models like 2 stroke diesel and petrol engines, 4 strokes diesel and petrol engines to impart practical knowledge to the students about the working of IC engines. The lab is also provided surveying & levelling equipment, different types of green house models, working models of wind mills and Soil and water conservation structures. With the above facilities the students are exposed and gain the practical knowledge.

Er. P. Balachandra Yadav

Teaching Associate

K. Gouthami

Teaching Associate