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Postgraduate (PG) Programme was started in the Department of Agronomy during the year 2010. The PG programme were subsequently offered by Department of Entomology from 2016. Students were trained in various scientific processes and research methodologies. Lab facilities equipped with advanced lab equipment such as plant canopy analyzer, soil water potential meter, PCR, advanced microscopes, spectrophotometers, etc.  are available.

The students were given hands-on training in handling agronomical tools, detection and diagnosis of pests and diseases and analysis of data. In addition to the academic work, the comprehensive knowledge of research ethics and intellectual property rights was imparted to the students. In the way of building their capabilities, students were being encouraged to participate in seminars, conferences, workshops and training programmes. Through this continuous effort, students received several recognitions in the conferences and seminars conducted at the national and international levels. Students were also encouraged to publish their research works in the journals at international level.

Practical exposures were being given by taking the students to the research stations, agricultural and horticultural farms, and various government organizations and making them interact with the farmers by conducting surveys. An open gym and sports complex was provided to the students for involving them in various games. Every year competitions were being conducted at the college level for sports and cultural events for improving the abilities of the students.


Name of the Programme                                            Duration                              System
Master of Science in Agriculture –M. Sc. (Ag.)            2 Years                             Semester

Postgraduate programmes offered in two departments and year of inception of the

S.No.                  Name of the Department                     M.Sc. (Ag.)
1                             Agronomy                                        2010
2                           Entomology                                        2016