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The Department of Crop Physiology, agricultural college, naira, ANGRAU was established with an objective to run undergraduate and graduate programs in Crop Physiology and also to undertake research in areas related to the physiology of crop plants. Since its inception, the Department has strived to make its teaching and research curricula to be crop physiology and botany centric with relevance to the crop productivity increment.

Staff Details:

Dr. B. Santhosh

Assistant Professor

Courses offered:
S. No        Course No.                  Course Title
1              CPHY- 162                  Fundamentals of Crop Physiology
2              CPHY- 261                  Eco Physiology
3              CPHY-361                   Environmental Studies and Disaster Management
4              ELCT -222                   Soil, Plant, Water and Seed Testing

Teaching support : Virtual learning using projector and laptop, charts and posters.
Research support :
1. Microtome
2. Centrifuge
3. Spectrophotometer
4. Seed germinator
5. SPAD- chlorophyll meter
6. Leaf area meter
7. pH meter
8. Sound meter
9. Photometer
10. Hot air oven
11. Microscopes
12. Infra red thermometer